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FAQ's Information about website or data on the website:

When is the next website update?

Are there duplicate entries on List 1 and CSA?

My search results show an expired verification, but the certificate shows that it has been renewed. Which is true?

Why can't I find this DEA number? I have the certificate in hand.

The results print too small.

Problems logging in/searching:

I can't log in.

Why do I get the message "We're sorry. You are not able to perform a search at this time." when I try to run a verification search?

I'm logged in but I have a message on my screen that says I'm not allowed to perform a search. What's going on?

Questions about my account

Do I need a separate user name and password for each user?

How do I change my password?

I haven't received my latest CD yet.

Questions about a specific license:

I would like to know the application / renewal status of my DEA license or the license of a particular provider.

There is an error or problem with my DEA license. I would like to make a change / correction to my DEA license or the license of a particular provider.

How do I renew my DEA license online?

Why do some individuals who have Business Activity Codes of M or C have Inc or PC after their names?

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