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Database Searches - No Records Found

There are very few reasons that you will get a "No records found" message.

The most likely reason is that some of the information entered into the search fields was not input exactly as it appears in the database (i.e. a middle initial is missing, or the address is formatted differently). Try entering as little information as possible, such as just the DEA number, or just the doctor's last name and zip code. Be sure you have typed everything correctly. Set the Business Activity Code to "Search All."

If the information entered was accurate and you still get no results, it is possible that the individual's DEA license was issued or renewed after the latest update to the database. Numbers that were issued after the end of the previous month will not appear in this month's update. For example, a DEA number issued October 1 will not appear in the database until November's update. If this is the case, you will have to wait until next month's update and perform your search again.

Unfortunately, DEA cannot offer verification over the phone, nor can NTIS or GIM.


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